Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nothing says grown up like teddy bear back packs

Okay I try not to comment on pop culture mainly because well, that's what they all want is to be talked about.  But I got to say the garbage that came out of the VMA's was too much for me to keep quiet on.  I refuse to mention what's her face's name because, she doesn't deserve another hit on her name when she google's herself.

When I first saw pictures and shamefully yes I watched the previously Disney Star princess's performance, I was disgusted.  Literally.  In her efforts to be sexy like Britany, edgy like Rhianna, immortal like Madonna, weirdly interesting like Lady Gaga, and rock n roll like Avril Lavign, she ended up coming off as desperate and dirty.  Then as I thought more and more about it, I started to laugh, because the drum that she has been nauseatingly beating ever since she left Disney has been "I'm all grown up".  Well after this weekend's performance, she's proven anything but.  And honestly, we only have to look at the surface to see what Frued in his cocaine induced dilleriums would have concluded.

  • The hair cut matches that of a 3 yr old who came across her mom's scissors and decided to cut it herself. Leaving us with the butchered result.
  • Pigtails - no further comment necessary
  • The overly bright red lipstick is reminiscent of those times when we all pawed through our mom's make up and applied her red lipstick liberally
  • Dancing bears on stage
  • The costume tells the tale of the child who has been swimming all summer long and consequently has been living in their swim suit and jumped in some tennies because shoes are required to leave the house
  • The only prop present were overly sized teddy bear backpacks!
This is a call for mothers around the world to protect your daughters, raise them right, don't let them think that this behavior is ever anything but what it really is.  Garbage.

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